Motorola TurboPower™ Flip 18W Wall Charger – No Cable

Ultra compact TurboPower charging. 18W Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0 charger with folding AC blades for portability. Charge most USB devices quickly and get back to more important things!


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Folding AC blades.

Travel friendly flip blades for pocket-ready power.

Fast QC3.0 charging.

Get 18W TurboPower charging for Motorola phones and fast charging for most other devices with this universal USB-A QC3.0 output.

Razr's in-box charger.

The bold, stylish charging companion to the new motorola razr. (Note that cable is NOT included.)


    Enjoy speedy, compact and pocket-ready 18 Watt Turbo charging that gets you powered up fast. Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 (QC3.0) compatible.
    Its compact form factor and folding AC blades mean this charger takes up very little space and is perfect for travel.
    Sleek, soft-touch matte exterior and premium braided nylon cable make for a stylish charging experience.
    The TurboPower 18 boasts Level VI High Energy Efficiency.
    UL Safety Approved. Get built-in protection from power surges, extreme heat, and other dangers, and know your smartphone or tablet will remain safe while charging.
    Designed for broad compatibility, the TurboPower Flip provides universal 18W USB-A output and can be used to charge a wide variety of electronics.

*Not all devices will charge at the same rate. Some devices may not be able to utilize the full 18W. Charging rate reduces as charge levels become full to protect battery life.

Ports: Single USB-A
Input: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power Output: 18 Watt
– Standard: 5V / 3A
– TurboPowerTM: 9V / 2A
– TurboPowerTM: 12V / 1.5A
Cable: N/A
Dimensions: 2.06 x 1.57 x 1.11 in



Motorola Devices-

Motorola Razr (2019/2020), Razr 5G, Edge (2020/2021), Edge+, Edge 5G uw, Moto Z, Z Force, Z Play, Z2, Z2 Force, Z2 Play, Z3, Z3 Play, Z4, Moto G Fast, G Play (2021), G Power (2020/2021/2022), G Pure (2021), G Stylus (2020/2021), G Stylus 5G (2021), G7, G7 Play, G7 Plus, G7 Power, G7 Optimo, G7 Optimo Maxx, G7 Supra, Moto G6, G6 Plus, G6 Play, G6 Forge, G5, G5 Plus, G5S, G5 Play, G4, G4 Plus, G3 Turbo, Moto G100, Moto X4, Moto M, Motorola One, One 5G (5G uw), One 5G Ace (5G uw Ace), One Action, One Hyper, One Macro, One Power, One Vision, One Zoom, Moto E3, E4, E4 Plus, E5, E5 Supra, E6, E6s, E6 Plus, E7, E2020.


One TurboPower™ 30 wall charger
One detachable USB-C to USB-C charging cable
One warranty card or user guide



Product Support

Frequently Asked Questions

It works with USB-C enabled smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, and other devices.

5V/3A (default)
The output depends on the ability of your device, so 18W might not be fully utilized.

Yes, this charger has universal input, from 100 up to 240V.

Yes. Moto G6, G6 Plus and Moto G7 series use USB-C ports. Moto G7 Plus phone is designed to take up to 27W of power, the other phones can only take the max power they were designed to draw from the charger. This charger does not work for Moto G6 Play or G6 Forge since Moto G6 Play and G6 Forge use micro USB connectors. Motorola TurboPower™ 18 Wall Charger with micro USB Data Cable would be the suggestion to charge Moto G6 and G6 Forge phones.

This charger can charge Mac models that have USB-C port for charging, including MacBook 2016 and Mac mini 2018 and MacBook Air 2019/2018. This charger can also charge MacBook Pro 2019/2018/2017/2016, but its max output power is 30W.

Once the device is charged to 100%, it will enter standby mode.

The short answer is, it depends on the length and the quality of the cable used. Motorola charging cables are all capable of handling this charger’s maximum current output, so you would have to do some experimentation to find out if a different cable would work. As cable length increases, it becomes necessary for thicker gauge power conductors to compensate for voltage drop. If the thickness of the gauge power conductor is not increased enough to compensate the voltage drop, the turbo charge will not activate.

Yes. The cable, which is included with the charger, is a full function USB 2.0 data cable that can transfer data between the phone and computer when connected.


- Check your phone port to insure it is free of debris.

- Try using your charger with a different cable.

- Try plugging your charger into another outlet.

- Try your charger with a different device.

The USB Type-C connector is a reversible plug, which allows it to be plugged in either direction.
Depending on your phone it will be found in one of these two locations.
a. Settings-> System-> About Phone
b. Settings -> About Phone

If these troubleshooting steps do not solve your issue, please contact support.

Contact Support

Warranty Information

How to obtain warranty service or other information

Please contact Motorola using the contact details provided on the customer support website at

You will receive instructions on how and where to ship the Product for assessment. We will generally need: (i) proof of purchase; (ii) a written description of the problem; (iii) the name of your mobile network service provider, if applicable; (iv) your address and telephone number. We will only use this information for the purposes of processing your claim under this Limited Warranty.

You will receive instructions on how to ship the Products, Accessories or Software, at your expense, to a Motorola Authorized Repair Center. To obtain service, you must include: (a) a copy of your receipt, bill of sale or other comparable proof of purchase; (b) a written description of the problem; (c) the name of your service provider, if applicable; (d) the name and location of the installation facility (if applicable) and, most importantly; (e) your address and telephone number.

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Consumer products and accessories limited warranty Download Warranty Guide

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